Setting priorities

How you choose to live ur life is most influenced and determined by your priorities. Your priorities should be what’s most valuable to you. To live a fulfilled life you need to get your priorities right and in order.

However, missing ur priorities doesn’t mean you won’t be happy in what you are doing but you will be most grateful once your priorities are set right. You tend to achieve things faster and better.

To work with your priorities, you need to have a tangible reasons for what you are doing and how you are doing them. You don’t just wake up in the morning to decide what to do, there should be a proper planning of what you are to do as you wake. While rushing one might actually miss out on those things that are most important.

Sharon stone of ‘certified life’ said your priorities might shift when you discover your why. When you find a reason behind what you do, u might actually feel it’s not important and you set something most important

To set your priorities, you need to figure out what’s most important to you and to figure this out you need to create time for yourself don’t be caught up in life hustle not thinking of what’s really necessary for you. Taking short amounts of time to breath, relax, process and plan will help you to reduce the clutter and see more clearly what you may have been missing before,”

How to set your priorities straight

1. Figure out what’s most important to you

2. Create an action plan to follow

3. Time each task

4. Have a role model

5. Determine how you want to live ur life

6. Don’t give chance for distractions

7. Take time to reflect

8. Take action in bits

9. Remember it’s normal for your priorities to change


House Agents

Recently we were looking for another apartment and thus the searching began. Initially we wanted to boycott the agents and so we were looking for direct with the owners of the apartment.

After some fruitless efforts, we decided to go through agents but na there water take pass gari (that’s where the problem lies)

Technology has made life easier, I went on OLX to check for apartments in the locations of my choice and here are what I discovered about house agents in Ibadan, Nigeria.

1. Any apartment that comes through an agent is automatically expensive because they gain more than the house owners. Their own percentage is way too high. 😬😬

2. Before most of them leaves their office to take you to inspect an apartment, you will pay them inspection fee. In my dealing with them the lowest is #1000.

3. The transportation expenses to inspect the apartment is on you. Either you go with your car or you pay charter a cab or tricycle or bike, their own is to follow you empty handed 😕😕

4. They can lie. You try and ask them if the apartment is close to the road and be sure their response is yes. I was taken to a place and we were just moving endlessly, meanwhile the agent told me it’s just 5mins trekking distance to the main road but we drove for over 10mins on the road to the area and then drove for another 3-4 mins in the street that leads to the apartment.

5. Their pictures sometimes can deceive. The pictures they will send to you most times aren’t the true status of the apartment. I got some pictures with a nice painting but when I got there the painting was different 😀😀😀 imagine sending pictures of ceiling and walls and not the floor because there are some broken tiles.

6. You will never get a bad picture of the house. To them all the apartment is nice and when you ask of somethings they will tell you to first come and check the place as if person doesn’t have a job. Mtchew for them 😂😂😂

7. They have connections across, for the ones that are ready for business, even when they don’t have personally they will still contact another person for you. 2 of them had referred me to almost 3 other persons, I salute them for that even though they will still have their cut for referring😁😁😁😁

8. Some of them are extremely rude, if you can’t pay their so called fee please jejely Waka pass them😀😀😀 they are team non negotiable.

9. Some are nice and kind. I met some that are so nice and cautious, they are most time team negotiable.

If you’ve had any experience with them, kindly share in the comment section

I will keep this post updated as I witness more from our beloved agents because I’m still hunting for an apartment.

Worry less

Worries does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empty today of its strength. Corrie Ten Boom.

Be kind

Show kindness

Be of good cheers

Worry less because the truth is that you are better off than some people.

Let love leads because your kindness may be the fuel needed to ignite someone’s happiness, be motivated to do more for people especially those in some kind of special needs. You think your problem is the most, wait and hear others stories, you will know yours is less than 1% of what others go through .

I was a bit down and I decided to checked through my Facebook page, read some stuffs and watched a video of another woman, I instantly got the courage needed.

The amazement of it all is that this woman never gave up and still hoping for a miracle. She was also thankful that there are some still living worse.

I was telling a friend that I’ve decided to live life as it comes, I’m highly optimistic of the future but I’ve tried and is still trying to ignore my worries. I’ve been worried and cried for some periods and honestly it hasn’t solved the problem on ground. Worries and deep thoughts will only compound your issues but believe me it never brings solution.

Worrying won’t stop the bad stuffs, it will only stop you from enjoying.

Worry less, cry less and trust God more

This thing called life

I was on my way out to visit my big sister in the hospital when I started thinking of why one needs to be appreciative for live and position. I saw some people and couldn’t thank God less even though I still have things I’m praying for but at that moment I paused and said my appreciation to God.

I remembered coming to Ibadan from Ilorin, 2 people caught my attention, and they are both insane. I saw the first shaking in d rain and still didn’t leave, he covered his genital with his hands and just stood still shaking profusely, I watched him till we moved pass him. Saw the second now a woman who was in the rain also but Sat down and covered herself with cartons, I kept imagining if their thinking faculty is different considering that they are both sick. This God is wonderful, he does things as it pleases him, he’s really unquestionable.

Getting home and seeing a video of the tanker that fell along berger road which claimed so many lives and left some on the hospital bed fighting for their lives , I cried for sometimes and started calling my families and friends in Lagos. Something popped into my heart that it is only him that can keep us.

While I was at the hospital, there were reports that some group of meat sellers and police officers are in for trouble and they were shooting sporadically, who knows what happened thereafter and how many innocent lives it has claimed, I could have passed that road without knowing there’s trouble but he kept us.

We can’t thank him enough for this breath in us, it takes just a moment for it to leave us. While you still have it appreciate the one who is the reason why you still breath. You don’t have all you need but remember you are still living. Baoku ise o tan (while we are alive there’s still hope)

May the souls of the departed rest in peace, can’t imagine the agony of their family members. Oh lord please continue to keep us and ours.



My people says  “oju apa kole jo oju ara” meaning a place with scar isn’t same as the skin. Personally, I’ve got several scar on my body and despite the treatment with home remedies i still  have the scars imprinted on my body.

we need to be careful of the scar we leave on people. It might be the words of our mouth, our actions and reactions and other things we might not put into cognizance, always put yourself in other peoples position before  reacting.


Scar has limitations, sometimes we cant expose our scar for people to see. it put a strain on friendship and relationships. Always treat the people in your life right, you never can tell where you will meet each other later in future.

The healing process of the wound isn’t fast especially if it’s a deep cut. sometimes it causes Mental illness which is difficult to heal because ,most time we don’t know we are ill and that help is needed.

Scar could cause anxiety, depression, anorexia and it could alter and harm our self esteem. Many people including me hide our scars,  since my major scar i never wear anything that will reveal it(don’t preach self love to me oooooooo) lolz

Finally, always remember that the scar on you is a lemon, why not turn it into a lemonade. Move on and forget the past also be cautious and conscious not to imprint a scar on others.

Has anyone given you a scar or you have any suggestion, kindly put it out in the comment section.

Shalom .


Its a new year and with new opportunities, Compliments of the season to you and your household.

To fully exploit this new year, you need to take stock of the last year. What are the things that needs adjustment, enlargement and co. Review the previous year so you don’t get the same result you got in 2016.

Live life as it comes daily, don’t be too anxious of tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of its own needs. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan because you can’t be anxious when there’s adequate planning. Plan your schedule in this new year,make a todo list and follow it guardedly.

Commit the year into the hand of the one who has made it possible for you to be alive. Redeem all the days in 2017 because each day is full of evil. Remind him daily of his promises for our life and family.

Most importantly praise God for everything that comes your way in 2017. He’s a God of time and season. Celebrate every season that comes your way and live it to the fullest. There’s an opportunity in every situation.

Compliments of the season and i wish you a happy and fulfilled new year. Shalom


Today is the end of 2016

You may just be wondering what you’ve achieved in the new but believe me you are an achiever. Some that are better, richer, prettier, more handsome etc are in the mortuary, some below the earth and you are here thinking you’ve not achieved anything. Being alive is an achievement and you should thank the one who has made it possible.

You don’t have those things you called necessities of life and you think its enough for you not to rejoice, life doesn’t evolve around them and i discovered that in few months time, those things you see as a problem will definitely not be relevant. For the fact that you are still alive please rejoice.

The truth is that you are not where you use to be when you entered 2016, you might even think its more terrible than the previous year but remember you learnt more, your understanding got increased and you gained other things you might not see.

End 2016 victoriously and in 2017 believe God for what he has promised to do in your life and he will do exceedingly than you can ever think of.

See you in 2017