My people says  “oju apa kole jo oju ara” meaning a place with scar isn’t same as the skin. Personally, I’ve got several scar on my body and despite the treatment with home remedies i still  have the scars imprinted on my body.

we need to be careful of the scar we leave on people. It might be the words of our mouth, our actions and reactions and other things we might not put into cognizance, always put yourself in other peoples position before  reacting.


Scar has limitations, sometimes we cant expose our scar for people to see. it put a strain on friendship and relationships. Always treat the people in your life right, you never can tell where you will meet each other later in future.

The healing process of the wound isn’t fast especially if it’s a deep cut. sometimes it causes Mental illness which is difficult to heal because ,most time we don’t know we are ill and that help is needed.

Scar could cause anxiety, depression, anorexia and it could alter and harm our self esteem. Many people including me hide our scars,  since my major scar i never wear anything that will reveal it(don’t preach self love to me oooooooo) lolz

Finally, always remember that the scar on you is a lemon, why not turn it into a lemonade. Move on and forget the past also be cautious and conscious not to imprint a scar on others.

Has anyone given you a scar or you have any suggestion, kindly put it out in the comment section.

Shalom .



Its a new year and with new opportunities, Compliments of the season to you and your household.

To fully exploit this new year, you need to take stock of the last year. What are the things that needs adjustment, enlargement and co. Review the previous year so you don’t get the same result you got in 2016.

Live life as it comes daily, don’t be too anxious of tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of its own needs. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan because you can’t be anxious when there’s adequate planning. Plan your schedule in this new year,make a todo list and follow it guardedly.

Commit the year into the hand of the one who has made it possible for you to be alive. Redeem all the days in 2017 because each day is full of evil. Remind him daily of his promises for our life and family.

Most importantly praise God for everything that comes your way in 2017. He’s a God of time and season. Celebrate every season that comes your way and live it to the fullest. There’s an opportunity in every situation.

Compliments of the season and i wish you a happy and fulfilled new year. Shalom


Today is the end of 2016

You may just be wondering what you’ve achieved in the new but believe me you are an achiever. Some that are better, richer, prettier, more handsome etc are in the mortuary, some below the earth and you are here thinking you’ve not achieved anything. Being alive is an achievement and you should thank the one who has made it possible.

You don’t have those things you called necessities of life and you think its enough for you not to rejoice, life doesn’t evolve around them and i discovered that in few months time, those things you see as a problem will definitely not be relevant. For the fact that you are still alive please rejoice.

The truth is that you are not where you use to be when you entered 2016, you might even think its more terrible than the previous year but remember you learnt more, your understanding got increased and you gained other things you might not see.

End 2016 victoriously and in 2017 believe God for what he has promised to do in your life and he will do exceedingly than you can ever think of.

See you in 2017

Train up a child

I remembered that my Primary 2 memory verse: Prov 22: 6  train up a child in the way he should go and when he’s old he will not depart from it.

Training a child in the way of the lord is Important to the welfare of the home, the church and society as a whole.

It’s also nice if you don’t know God but you sure know Morals, teach your children morals, etiquettes and social responsibility.

Whatever the children learn from childhood remains a habit with them till they grow old except when they are personally convinced.

The training you give your children sticks better than that of an outsider, besides you have to train yourself also because children emulate what they see you do and hear you say. Don’t expose your children to bad habits and correct their bad habits in love.

The training you give them at home with the ones they are taught in church, mosque and school sure will aid them to be a better child and better adult in future.

Save yourself future headache by training them well today.



I promised a friend and sister that I will talk on this issue before the year is out. Here I am fulfilling my word Teju. 
The first thing that we need to understand is that the progenitor of all things is God, not the devil or man, everything including love making comes from God. What happens is that often xtians can be a bit complacent, we sit down expecting everything to drop on our laps like ripe fruits so instead of allowing God’s inspiration to help us discover and pioneer things which we can now use in good ways, we fold our arms till other ungodly people stumble on such discoveries and pervert it. It happens in all fields, not just sex alone, but music, art etc. Now let me use this to answer the question and clarify things for you.

You see, when it comes to sex or like I prefer to call it, love making, there are only two things that the bible goes against, which are sodomy, which includes things like anal sex, beastiality, ( sleeping wth animals), pedophiles, homosexuality etc and such perversions often done by the people of sodom at that time, which if you check are all dangerous, harmful and can even destroy the participants. But you see, apart from all this, whatever happens between a man and his wife in the sanctity sanctum of their marital bed is entirely their business as long as : 




You see, the bible never prescribed any particular position in making love, we all just assumed that the missionary style is the divinely ordained one, who says? Firstly WHAT IS ORAL SEX? . It is using the mouth and tongue to stimulate the genital area of your partner, (Singles shouldn’t be doing this, I won’t stop telling you that Sex is for the married, so get use to it). 

In fact, many people assume it’s only d wife that can do this but no my dear, a husband can likewise do so to his wife if they both like. You see, the bible says that as married couples, our bodies belong to each others abi? Good. If this is so, why should the lips be more holy than the penis or vagina, if a woman can kiss her hubby’s chest during love making and a man can caress his wife breast during love making, why should the genitals become a no go area. What makes the stomach or thighs more holy, sanctified or kissable than the genitals. Do you know that there is no way you will do the mouth to mouth deep kiss with your partner and both of you won’t mix your saliva Together ?, is the saliva purer or cleaner than the semen? Do u see why I say it’s all about perception and preference? Do u get my drift? Every part of our bodies are holy and has d right to equal amount of attention, worship and adoration during love making between couples as long as it’s fine between them. God created every inch of our bodies, they are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and they are to be used to give each other pleasure during marriage.

Some Xtians indeed believe that it could be unbelievers who introduced oral sex. My dear, who said so. Becos they use it more in pornographic films abi? You see, like I told u, the world only perverts, they don’t create, how do you and I know that our matriarch Sarah did not give father Abraham a blow job, lolll, or that gentleman Boaz never used his mouth on Ruth, lolll. We don’t know now becos such details were never written in the bible, in fact to be candid, was it written anywhere in the bible that the penis must only go into the vagina, no, i’v never met that scriptures, so why do we assume that’s the only way. 

You see, where a lot of people have issues with oral sex is that most people find it distasteful and irritating to even imagine a man ejaculating i.e spilling sperm into his partners mouth! Yuk! Iyama! Abi? Yes, it’s true but the reality is that, its not compulsory that the man must ejaculate during oral sex, if his wife doesn’t like it. I can’t go into too much details cause I know quite a number of my readers are  still single and are not close to marriage yet so I’m exercising caution. But it’s not compulsory he releases into her mouth, since love making is all about expressing love to each other, both partners shouldn’t do what the other finds uncomfortable .
But they can reach a convenient balance and once both of them are happy and enjoying themselves, then why not. What I’m saying then is that, it’s not compulsory you or I like it but it doesn’t make it wrong just because you don’t like it. Finally, we xtians should learn to be more open minded when it comes to the issue of bedmatics, its one of d reasons why a lot of xtian marriages are boring and obsolete. The children of d world are often wiser than the children of light, many of us God’s children are closed minded, one way traffic group of people , it bugs me becos i’v never met a more dynamic, exciting and diversified personality like the Holy spirit, so how can we have d Holy spirit in us and our sex life or life generally is so one way, predictable and boring. Nah my sister and brother nothing is wrong with oral sex, once the couple are fine with it and they enjoy themselves . 

Adetutu Osofowora (Tusky).


Have you thought of it that those things that u seems are basic are actually not. I was watching a program that showed a little village that doesn’t even have any water around them. They’ve dug a lot of places and yet there was no single water. They are always happy when its raining while some of us  are like hell no rain please o, let me get home, wait till I get to office, my this and that is outside ooo, my hair and cloth will be wet, how many times have you said for this rain you’ve showered thank u oh lord. Do you know that some people are desperately waiting for the rain?

The woman complained that they don’t enjoy their husbands because they have to wake up as early as 3am to set out to the neighboring town for water and before they get back their husbands had gone to the farm, they leave in the evening to fetch water again and come back late by then the husband had arrived and the next is eat and sleep. Many at times you even leave the tap running and sleep well. Give thanks to this God.

Thank him for the little you have, thank him for the plenty and abundance you’ve got, thank him for his visitation, thank him for the stars that shine, thank him for the moon, thank him for the pleasant surprises he had given to you, thank him for the life you have in abundance, thank him for the city you live in, thank him for every single opportunities he opened unto you, thank him for the sunlight, thank him  for the urine that comes easily, some people can’t even urinate on their own.

Thank him for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and finally its December. You think you don’t have anything to thank him for, look around you I’m sure you will find a reason to say Thank you Lord. Look through your street you will find a child roaming about, you will see beggars everywhere and to crown it all visit the hospital and nobody will tell you to Thank baba God.


This is actually funny and I find it absurd as well.

So I read Here that a man asked his wife to sleep with another man for money and at the end claims she’s a prostitute as that was the woman’s report. As if that was not enough, the husband claimed she was a prostitute with numerous boyfriends and that he tried to stop her but she wouldn’t and for that reason she should take responsibility of the children and his. Guess what, I laughed in Swahili and still laughing.

Well, I found some points in the drama and I thought of sharing with you.

  • Ladies should be careful of choice in marriage, I’m not saying its compulsory to marry a rich man but its of good to marry someone in the same standard as you are. Your vision and goal will align together and the family will move on smoothly and better.
  • This man claimed the wife is richer than he do and so should take care of the home front and him. I wouldn’t have had any issue with this statement if he hadn’t demanded it in the open, I think this should be sorted in the comfort of their room. The man has some effrontery sha
  • Marriage isn’t by force as the woman claimed battering and assault, will you remain there till you meet your untimely death. Some women already died such death and that should be a guiding lamp for us, and some will say God hate divorce but God also hate battering. (My next post on marriage we will go into the bible but for this post its just my immediate feelings about the story)
  • Why should you sleep with another man because your husband begged you. Uhmmm, this is stupidity in the highest order. The same man that begged you to do that is the same person making a mockery of you. Ladies and Women all over should be wise by now, this isn’t the first time such story is going viral and you don’t have to lose your dignity because of a man. Haven’t you heard that God hates adultery and it’s a sin to your own body. Let the man sought himself instead of using you to make money.

It is well with our home, do share your opinions in the comment section